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Hello, again! Below you will see some of my greatest moments.

Pizza Box Flip Flops News Paper

So, this is what I do when I'm bored and hungry. As you can see, I did not have to open the pizza box I just ate through it. Also, my dad left his flip flops lying around and they just looked tempting. The newspaper, well I was just bored, I really did not eat it.

High Five

I love giving high fives. Initially, I used to do that to get food. Now I just do it for fun. After giving high fives, I sometimes try to give hugs standing on my two back paws about five feet tall off the ground.


I tilt my head to either side anytime I hear something I like. I like hearing the words treat, food, outside, momma, and play. I also like to hear "let's go bye bye". That means that I will go for a ride where I get to stick my head out the window and try to bite the air as it passes through my face.

Doing Laundry

What can I say? I love to help my mom with the laundry. Can you tell?

Halloween 2006

This is my first Halloween in 2006. Was I cute or what? I was a green dinosaur. I would walk around and growl "Trick or Treat" to scare others.

Christmas 2006

This was my first Christmas in 2006. My mom and dad wrapped me up and tried to give me away. I really was not happy wrapped up like a present, but it was a memorable time.

Christmas Present

My first Christmas present. Too bad my mom and dad could not find one in 2007. I hope that they get me one this year and I hope it is bigger. You see, I was a puppy back then. If I get something that small now, it would only take me a week to eat it.

Decorating Christmas Tree

I tried to help decorate the Christmas tree and as you can see, it did not go well. Eventually, I figured it out.

Good Night!

It was rough helping my mom and dad. Definitely time for a nap. Yes that is on the couch, not just the couch but my couch. No one else uses it but me. Something you have not seen yet is my bedroom and no, I'm not kidding. I have a 10 by 10 foot room all for me in the basement that is nice and cool. I get to play, run around in circles, and just do whatever I want to. Unfortunately I do not get a pillow or a blanket down there anymore because I get too bored and feel obligated to play with them, if you know what I mean. If you don't, then look at the second picture from the top. One day I will post a picture of my room here for you to see.

Bubah's Toy

Well, this is me now. This picture was taken in June 2008. As you can see I'm much bigger and cuter. By the way, that is my "little" toy.


Well folks, this is it for now. Check later for updates and I hope that you have enjoyed learning about me. As for now I say Woof!... Woof!... Grrrr!... Woof!...

"Did you really think that my mom and dad would give me away? Give me a break, I'm too awesome!!!"